ROI Case study - Jewish Hospital


The unprecedented flash flooding that drenched the Louisville area on August 4, 2009 caused
extensive damage to homes and businesses throughout our community, including Sts. Mary &
Elizabeth Hospital (SMEH). When the basement of the hospital flooded with 16 feet of water,
it destroyed the electrical and mechanical systems of this premier Catholic health care

For the first time since the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth began this mission and
ministry in 1874, SMEH was forced to close its doors. But holding true the Sisters mission of
serving the community our team members, contractors, vendors and volunteers worked
diligently to restore services within a week after the flood.

Due to the flooding, our ProTec Solutions staff was sent away from the premises on
12:00pm, August 4th and did not return until given permission to enter an alternate
downtown location to resume processing on August 6, 2009. With limited work space
available, our employees had to adjust their schedules. Two remained on day shift to
handle status calls, while four remaining employees graciously volunteered to work second
shift. They did this without hesitation. Each employee was committed to the customer
and the tasks at hand.

During this time, our requests were being rerouted as much as possible. Supplies were
packed and sent to the Downtown location; employees were working out of boxes, and
making the best of a difficult situation.

On August 13, 2009, we were allowed to return to SMEH, so once again, we packed up
and moved “back home”. Two of our staff members continued to work out of the
Downtown location to handle critical status calls.

The remainder of our staff went back to a department with no phones, faxes or air
conditioning. They were surrounded by gnats (due to the enormous amount of water)
and less than desirable conditions. Each member of our staff worked to help clean the
department and try to get things as close to normal as possible.

Our entire staff was reunited on October 12, 2009. We had also implemented a new
request process just before the flood and are now measuring less than a half a day Total
Turn Around.

Our staff dealt with this new process and the “chaos” of the flood with professionalism and
teamwork! SMEH was very appreciative of the Commitment to Excellence that ProTec
Solutions demonstrated during this challenging time.


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