New EHR, Now What?


Congratulations, you selected a new EHR

A new EHR could provide the vehicle for obtaining stimulus money under the recent ARRA legislation. You will need to prove meaningful use. That means all your past paper charts medical records and prior electronic medical records needs to to be available. We focus on patient data.......


Is your Patient Data ready to help you?

................ to support meaningful use, claim Government incentives and allow for easy Patient data access?


  • ProTec Solutions supports healthcare providers to claim their stimulus dollars under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • Our HIM professionals provide reliable and compliant abstraction services to transition patient data into your new electronic medical record system quickly, accurately and cost effectively.
  • Abstraction is the most effective way to convert a medical record into a usable tool for the health care provider.


Medical Record Abstraction Services

ProTec Solutions Medical Record Data Abstraction – Helps reach meaningful use in the Fast Track to Federal EHR Subsidies

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have improved the speed and efficiency with which healthcare providers can access vital information and treat patients. Today it is more important than ever for Healthcare Providers to use electronic technology for medical records in order to qualify for the certification necessary to receive federal subsidies under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

ProTec Solutions offers Healthcare Providers a faster route to reaching meaningful use with our Medical Record Data Abstraction services. Our professionals provide reliable and compliant abstraction services to transition providers into electronic medical record systems quickly and effectively.

Whether converting a large volume of patient records into EHRs or working with new patient records, important patient data is contained in old records and needs to be incorporated into the EHR in order to have access to key elements of the patient’s history. Abstraction is one of the most effective ways to convert a medical record to a usable tool for the healthcare provider. Vital elements of the patient’s history are entered in the EHR templates, rather than being lost in a scanned record.

• ProTec Solutions highly trained professionals know that the key to effective medical record abstraction is to extract the information that will allow quick treatment of each patient while minimizing the time that the Physician has to look up individual reports or documents to get to the information data needed for quality patient care.

• ProTec Solutions can customize the data collection and transferring of key data into the EHR system quickly and accurately for your individual practice.

• Quality control is essential to abstraction, and ProTec Solutions validation process provides the necessary checks and balances to develop and maintain effective medical records. keeping.


Making the move to meaningful use of your EHR system doesn’t have to be a pain!


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